Beloved Korean comedian Lee EunHyung announced her pregnancy 7 years after marriage, sharing a special and touching moment with her close colleagues.

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On February 23, 2024, a video was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Giyu TV,’ operated by Lee EunHyung and her husband Kang JaeJoon, where Lee EunHyung announced her pregnancy during a meal with the members of the FC Avengers from SBS TV’s ‘Amazing Women.’ Lee EunHyung began by saying, “I bought a meal because it’s the New Year,” and then shared the news by handing out special ‘allowance’ envelopes.

Members of the Avengers, including Kim MinKyeung, Oh NaMi, Park SoYoung, Kim SeungHye, and Kim HyeSun, were moved to tears upon seeing the ultrasound photo, expressing sincere congratulations and emotions. Kim HyeSun, in particular, lightheartedly joked, “I was supposed to get pregnant, how could you do it first?” helping to create a warm atmosphere. Lee EunHyung, with tears in her eyes, said, “I wanted to tell you first,” recalling the deep friendship and shared moments over the past two years.

Choosing the fetal nickname ‘Kkangchongi,’ because “it kept jumping when we went for the ultrasound,” Lee EunHyung explained, revealing that she had shared the pregnancy news with her husband Kang JaeJoon almost a month later. Both debuted as SBS comedians in 2006 and 2008, respectively, and have been loved by the public for their performances in ‘Gag Tonight,’ ‘Comedy Big League,’ and ‘Comedy Big League.’

Lee EunHyung’s pregnancy announcement was more than just sharing news; it was a moment that showed true friendship and emotion with colleagues who have been by her side for a long time. This news signifies a new beginning for Lee EunHyung and Kang JaeJoon, as well as a beautiful farewell moment with the ‘Avengers.’ Many are looking forward to hearing more warm stories as they embark on this new journey.

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