“Netflix Is Ruining Korean Culture:” Netizens Divided Over New Show

K-Drama fans think Netflix is perverting.

Netizens have mixed feelings about one of Netflix‘s new Korean shows.

On February 20, Netflix released Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany, starring comedian and television comedy show host Shin Dong Yup and singer and entertainer Sung Si Kyung. Last year, Netflix released versions of Risqué Business in which the two explored the sex cultures of Japan and Taiwan.

Shin Dong-yup and Sung Si-kyung explore the sex cultures of the Netherlands and Germany, combining hand-on experiences with revealing interviews about how these cultures differ.

— Netflix

When Netflix began sharing clips of Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany across social media, it was met with primarily amused reactions. Netizens laughed at the Shin Dong Yup and Sung Si Kyung’s embarrassment.


Yet, Netflix’s latest post has had much more divided reactions.

The post said, “Let’s talk about sex and culture. How far are you willing to go?” Each slide proposed a different question regarding sexuality, such as going to a mixed sauna, nude clubs, sex toys, open relationships, BDSM, etc.







Many netizens are claiming that Netflix is “perverting” and “ruining” not only wholesome K-Dramas but also the Korean culture that K-content fans were initially there for. The comment section is filled with negative comments. Netflix previously rebranded its K-Drama social media channels from The Swoon to K-Content to expand its shows from swoon-worthy K-Dramas to include variety shows, thrillers, survival shows, and more.



On the other hand, some fans defended Netflix and Risqué Business. They believe that the new season helps to expand Koreans’ worldviews. Risqué Business is meant to create a dialogue on taboo topics in South Korea. The show is intended not only to be entertaining but also educational as they gain knowledge regarding other cultures.





Still, this wouldn’t be the first time netizens were upset about Netflix regarding Korean entertainment. K-Drama fans have been turned off by the streaming service’s inclusion of explicit violence, sex, and language in its K-Dramas. However, Netflix’s Korean film Love and Leashes was met with unexpected praise, although it was focused on BDSM. Yet, there were not any explicit sex scenes in it!

Love-and-Leashes poster

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